Buzz Radar Usability Study

ClientBuzz Radar
DateApril 2015
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Usability test screencast demonstrating lack of clear expectations


I worked with a real-time data visualization platform to evaluate the account creation process and customer dashboard for usability issues and other areas for improvement through an expert review and user interviews.


I first evaluated the setup wizard and account dashboard for general usability issues using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design. I then wrote a discussion guide for and conducted six one-on-one interviews with current and prospective users via telephone and screen sharing software, wherein I asked them to perform several tasks and for their thoughts along the way. I then presented my findings from the heuristic evaluation and interviews, along with recommended improvements.

Usability test screencast demonstrating inconsistent pagination


Aside from having to perform all interviews remotely, the primary challenge of this project was participant recruitment. I had to rely on a busy startup to find the time to recruit participants with diverse backgrounds and experience. Having some participants who were less unfamiliar with the platform would have been ideal in order to account for bias. Regardless, the short engagement required focus and I was able to gather abundant insights about converting customers who have demonstrated at least some interest.


Most of the issues I found pertained to consistency – both within the platform and with user expectations – and to comprehension of instructions, terminology and errors. Several of my recommendations were addressed within months of presenting my findings.

  • More visual examples of the platform were added to the website and signup wizard pages:

    Realistic product photograph added to website
  • Streamlined wizard steps with consistent page headers throughout, clearly marking the completed, current and next steps.
  • Client testimonials were moved higher up on the homepage:

    Customer testimonial featured more prominently on home page
  • Simplified pricing packages based on duration only, not product features that are still unfamiliar to the user:

    New pricing table and description of account setup process
  • Improved error messaging and recovery tactics.