NTT Data Web App

I was the NTT Data UX lead on a project to design a web-based tool for collecting and analyzing data about clients’ applications and their readiness and suitability for migration to the cloud. The client was looking for an all-in-one platform for use by both clients and consultants, that not only captured information about IT portfolios but also provided a clear, meaningful and holistic view of the data along several criteria.

I facilitated discussions with the project’s business analyst and project owner to clarify, refine and document complex business requirements. From these discussions, I created and maintained a sitemap and over 80 interactive wireframes to capture various personas and processes. Next, I collaborated with our Interactive Designer on page designs to create a high-fidelity interactive prototype of key use cases.

The main challenge of this project was the complexity of the subject matter as well as the requirements as they pertained to functionality, user experience, content and data visualization needs. Strong investigative and documentation skills were required to suss out the needs of my client (the project owner) in addition to their clients (IT companies) without access to the latter. I believe that providing access to WIP wireframes hosted online were key in reaching understanding and consensus more efficiently.

What resulted from this effort is not only a working tool offered to NTT Data clients but is also a selling point used to attract new customers. We were able to design an attractive and robust solution that streamlines a lengthy and complex information gathering and analysis process into one platform in a shortened timeline. In addition to enabling the collection and visualization of potentially hundreds of data points in a single dashboard, we designed those visualizations according to best practices and in a visually pleasing way to ensure that users will want to play with the data and uncover valuable insights.

Here are some examples of how NTT Data currently markets m2cloud as a key offering: