Buzz Radar Customer Journey

ClientBuzz Radar
DateDecember 2015
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Illustration of the current state of the customer journey


My client was looking to analyze and improve the customer experience of their data visualization platform. The underlying goal was to retain more trial users as ongoing customers while also reducing demand on their lean customer service team. We identified the account creation process as crucial to establishing satisfying and long-lasting relationships with customers.


I conducted client interviews, gathered documentation and used insights from a previous project with this client to break down the account creation process into phases. From there, I created detailed customer journey maps of the current process as well as an optimized process that more closely aligned with business and customer goals.

Spreadsheet used to collaborate on customer journey data points


The nature of working with a small startup-like team means that not all recommended solutions are achievable in the short-term or perhaps even in the long-term. Also, not being an embedded team member made the boundary between doable and impossible less apparent. This required me to embrace the unknown and identify straightforward solutions alongside my blue sky vision without ignoring the fact that their current approach has proven successful.

Opportunities for improving the customer experience, illustrated


Most of the issues we uncovered have to do with setting clear expectations for the user throughout the journey. Some visible changes to their website align with two particular moments in the customer journey map that I identified as areas of opportunity.

During the Research phase, more detailed product information in plain language along with examples is needed upfront. Users need to easily scan for keywords and product benefits before registering for a free trial. With this finding, the client has totally revamped their product pages. They now depict being used in real settings, define product benefits for several different scenarios, tout bite-size selling points, and include more prominent and visual customer testimonials.

Revamped product page designed to give more detail about what to expect

During the Registration phase, users were still not sure what to expect from their free trial, in terms of what the product looks like, features and capabilities. Since reporting this finding, the client has added several more case studies to the website, complete with videos and photos and the ability to filter by industry and project type. For more clarity during registration, visual examples of the available options have been added.

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Current Customer Journey
Optimized Customer Journey