About Haasome.com

Haasome.com is run by Jessica, a twenty-something girl crafting and geeking away in New York City. Jessica has always loved making things for friends and wants to spread the crafty love to you, too (she hails from earlier days on Etsy.com and has endless gratitude for the inspiration from those folks). She's also a tech-nerd and built this darn website herself.

"Haasome" rhymes with "awesome" and is a nickname created in high school, derived from describing her own wonderfulness and unique wit plus other people or things deemed amazing enough to carry the adjective. "Haasome" soon became a noun of its own and Jessica is now proud to say she owns the alias just about everywhere on the interwebs, and now her very own dot-com. Huzzah!

When she's not crafting or working on this site, Jessica works her day job at a non-profit public health agency where she plays with data. Other than that, she might be listening to good music (rock, punk), hanging out with equally haasome people, having beers on the east side of the island, watching Degrassi: TNG on Sunday mornings with her favorite, kissing her kitty-cat, reading dorky books or pretending she knows what she's doing in the kitchen.

To get a better idea of her interests, check out the Links page. You'll find some lovely websites and blogs that often threaten to take her time away from aforementioned activities.

Oh, by the way, check out her blog to find out what's in the works, what's new in the shop and to read about others' crafty/techy ventures she thinks you should be aware of.

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